NEW MAGAZINE   Absolutely Live
JT014 JazzTone Records
Barcode : 8021016020143

01.    December Dream (Chuck Loeb)
02.    Revelation (R. Ferrante)
03.    Chromazone (Mike Stern)
04.    101 Eastbound (Nathan East, Marcel East)
05.    Spirit Of The West (R. Ferrante)
06.    Tribute (Jay Oliver / Dave Weckl)
07.    Sonnymoon (Chuck Loeb)
08.    My Unforgettable Night (New Magazine)
09.    James (Lyle Mays / Pat Metheny)
10.    Old Friend Of Mine (New Magazine)
11.    People Person (Chuck Loeb)
12.    Spain (Chick Corea)

  Basilio Dalmonte – Piano
  Mirko Guerra – Guitar
  Niko Rivola – Bass
  Danile Corraro – Sax
  Fabio Sartoni – Drums   

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